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    My voice, my words, my gifts, my creativity and ultimately my life is devoted to... growing in understanding and liberation and reclaiming and owning all of my Divinity AND all my Humanity ...and supporting others on their journey to do the same.


    It's my intention to contribute myself, and my talents and gifts to authentic and REAL platforms, environments, centers, spaces, and safe places that create opportunities for people to really heal within, and come home to ourselves and the love we already are... dropping the BS and limiting beliefs and strategies we've picked up along the way in life, in our attempt to feel safe, belong and get appreciation, approval, and acceptance.


    Freedom and Liberation are on the other side of all of the fear we carry. And it's a process to shed the old layers of skin and layers of protection we've used until now to protect ourselves.


    This is as much my inner work as it is my offering... music, medicine, and joy for the soul.


    I'm currently interested in contributing my gifts and voice to empowering and transformational...

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    I'd love to hear from you if you feel a synergy and resonance with me and my life's work.

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